About Us

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Action For India’s mission is to help social innovators in India overcome barriers to scale and achieve greater impact at the Bottom of the Pyramid. We bring together social innovators, impact investors, mentors, technology resources, government agencies and local partners.

Launched in 2012, AFI is inspired and guided by Sam Pitroda, Former Adviser to the Prime Minister of India, a pioneer in leveraging technology and resources to address critical economic issues. AFI’s financial supporters include Desh Deshpande, Adviser to the US President Barack Obama & Founder of the Deshpande Foundation.

We are headquartered in Bangalore, India with a chapter in Silicon Valley, California. AFI is a registered Section 25 company in India, and a registered 501(c)3 company in the United States.


Our Theory of Change is built on the following set of premises:

  • In order to achieve a high level of social impact, social entrepreneurs must be enabled to reach key targets of social development: access to quality and affordable education, access to water and sanitation facilities, improved agricultural practices, access to quality and affordable healthcare, and creation of gainful employment through skill development.
  • Social entrepreneurs leading high potential sustainable programs in these areas must in turn have access to funding, technology, mentorship and customers in order to scale program impact.

This is underscored by what we hear from early stage entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs report barriers to entry such as access to funding, technology integration, quality mentorship and a go-to-market platform. Investors (commercial and social) and philanthropists report a dearth of viable and scalable business opportunities in the social enterprise sector.

AFI believes that by creating avenues to marry expectations on both sides, we can help overcome obstacles to achieving scale and to do so sustainability.