Gopala Krishnan

Technology and Social Entrepreneur

GK is a technology entrepreneur and in his 25 year career, has co-founded and managed four venture funded companies in India and China. Since 2008 he has been a social entrepreneur as well, aiming to use technology to create scaled up solutions that directly impact the lives of millions of people. His approach leverages technology, people in leadership positions, and the resources of large corporations to accomplish social goals. This approach has enabled the projects to bypass complex bureaucracies to reach their goals faster. He has implemented three successful social projects in the last 6 years- - The Sandwich Bread Project, which solved a food toxicity problem for 15 million people by persuading leading bread manufacturers in India to stop using a carcino-genic food additive. - IAP-ImmunizeIndia, a vaccination reminder service launched in March 2014, supported by Pfizer and Vodafone. It is the largest program of its kind with close to a million children enrolled already. The target is to prevent half-million child deaths and disabilities in India by 2018. This program is also expanding to other countries. - IAP-HealthPhone to educate 25 million women by 2018 in simple practices to fight child malnutrition. The project is the largest ever women's education program of its type and scales up an existing government education program by 25 times. The project receives several millions of dollars worth of support from Vodafone and was launched by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi in New Delhi on 2nd June 2015. GK is now setting up The Magic Box Company, which will use technology to reduce the cost of protein by 3 times. This will enable supplementation within available public budgets for maternal and child nutrition. In addition, it will be a disruptive new addition to the vast global protein market. GK has a graduate engineering degree from Allahabad University. His work has been published and taught as case studies at Stanford University & National University of Singapore in 2004, and more recently, at IESE Business School, Barcelona. GK's wife is a school teacher and his son is a lawyer. He is a fitness lover and believes that like him, most people can be as fit at 48 as a person 20 years younger.