ShailendraRobin Patel

CEO & Founder, Sophia ApS (Project Sophia)

Shailendra Patel is a philanthropist and the CEO & Founder of Project Sophia. This initiative was founded to help facilitate a sustainable and affordable path out of poverty for the World’s Poor and Unbanked, especially within rural communities and through the women members of their households. With the benefit of a 30 year professional career spanning the successful establishment of technology, financial services and investment banking business models, including the build-out and development of Saxo Bank, the World’s foremost global online investment trading bank from a start-up, Shailendra has elected to invest his available time, resources and energy to the incubation, establishment, development and transformation of innovative institutionalised efforts that can deliver important financial and livelihood products and services to the World’s Poor and Unbanked. With successful development and deployment of economically viable recipes for delivering affordable financial services, education, healthcare, clean energy, sustainable farming, skills development, water sanitation and irrigation, sustainable housing and other important “circle-of-life” interventions to both rural and urban communities, Shailendra has sought to facilitate scalable, replicable business solutions that afford a sustained path out of poverty for the beneficiary households and their communities as well as deliver double or triple bottom-line results.