NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats (WINNER)

Sector: Energy

Founder: Sandith Thandasherry

With a goal to make marine transport more efficient and take the energy needs down to zero, NavAlt builds solar powered passenger ferries.

Guru-G Learning Labs (WINNER)

Sector: Education

Founder: Amruth

Making it easy and interesting for teachers to become better at a time when most products are focusing on students, Guru-G enables them to discover new curriculum aligned teaching ideas and lesson plans.

Inficold India Pvt. Ltd. (WINNER)

Sector: Energy

Founder: Dr. Nitin Goel

On a mission to provide low cost, clean and reliable cooling solutions to reduce food wastages, Inficold has developed a plug-n-play thermal battery to make cold storage and refrigeration affordable and widely available to the agriculture sector

Lal10 (WINNER)

Sector: Livelihoods

Founder: Maneet Gohil

On a mission to empower 70 Lakh struggling rural craftsmen/ artisans across 29 Indian States with regular livelihood, Lal10 has enabled technology to source products from 8700+ grass root artisans pan-India

Carbon Masters India Pvt. Ltd. (WINNER)

Sector: Energy

Founder: Kevin J. Houston

Carbon Masters mission is to build Carbonlites into India’s largest renewable energy brand, providing clean energy for a clean India. It is South India’s first bottled biogas brand that addresses the two major issues impacting Indian cities today, poor waste management and climate change.

Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance (FINALIST)

Sector: FinTech

Founder: Anand Naik

SPHF pioneers the concept of Incremental Housing Finance looking at a house as a set of modules (ex. walls, roofing, toilet, workspace) that can be financed as one module at a time.

Graposs Edutech Private Limited (FINALIST)

Sector: Education

Founder: Rajiv Malik is on a mission to make one million aspirants adequately skilled making them job ready, from the remotest geographies of India. .

Sohum for All (FINALIST)


Founder: Nitin Sisodia

Sohum Innovation lab creates novel medical devices & healthcare services to improve health & income of people living in resource poor and under-served regions.

Lattice Innovations Pvt Ltd (FINALIST)


Founder: Soura Bhattacharya

Lattice Innovations is a design factory that converts medical technology ideas into readily usable solutions. The source of ideas can be practitioners, patients, attendants, healthcare industry personnel, technology innovators.

Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd. (FINALIST)


Founder: Arjun P. Gupta

Smart Joules’ state-of-the-art building energy management system – DeJoule – is a cost-effective automation technology that produces substantial and recurring energy savings.