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Participant Testimonials

“I am absolutely amazed, pretty impressed, with all of you. You guys are just terrific. I wish more people would know about you, so later we’ll talk about how to multiply. I mean, this is really India, this, the future India. All your ideas are great. I see a lot of energy. I see a lot of action. I see lots of clarity. Lots of good stuff…”
- Sam Pitroda, Honorary Chairman, Action For India, Advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, congratulating the 10 Young Social Innovators highlighted at the Forum

“Very valuable to identify and network with other people working on the same domain. The initial morning session by Sam Pitroda and the afternoon session by him were fascinating!”
- Sujay Santra, iKure Techsoft

“The entire series of sessions was amazing. We got to meet the cross section of social entrepreneurs operating across India. We had a great interaction in the Sector specific sessions. [Our Sector Champion] was able to moderate and make the group discussions very meaningful. The selection of the participants in the agriculture segment was excellent.”
- Srivalli Krishnan, MVS EFarm

“Liked the idea of so many people at one place. Was able to network with many other similar minded people. Presentation of various social entrepreneurs were very good.”
- Jayaram Venkatesan, AID INDIA

“Felt at home! I never expected someone from the government [Sam Pitroda] to so down to earth, speaking so much sense and with such clarity. [He addressed] the many things on my mind … in precise razor sharp manner… AFI was a fabulous conductor of this unique orchestration of government, social sectors, investors and [innovators]. Wow how did you do it so well? My confidence has grown and I feel even in the North East we will be able to catch up with some level of sustainable development faster than we had earlier expected.”
- Pranjal Baruah, Mushroom Development Foundation

“The air at Action for India was very positive and the leaders from the government/ sector champions were always reminding us not to be cynical but look for solutions to the problems at hand. This attitude ensured that things kept moving in a positive direction.”
- Saloni, DesiCrew

“The ‘invite-only’ nature of Forum [resulted in] highly constructive conversations with fellow entrepreneurs.
Practically everyone in attendance shared a common goal in improving the state of the nation – and we had all taken personal risks to do it. This made everyone’s approach and experience interesting to everyone else. I really learned a great deal from my fellow innovators during the sector-specific panels and while networking over coffee…
The density also created several useful opportunities. [Our organization] catalyzed strategic technology partnerships with young stars, met with senior mentors and even discovered several customers & vendors at the forum. The time spent at IIT Delhi was highly beneficial.
Further, Mr. Pitroda's wisdom and encouragement was very special – and the opportunity to pitch to him is deeply appreciated. Thanks again for the privilege.
Please know how grateful we are for being flown to Delhi.”
- Anup Akhilal, Logistimo

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