Dr. Chanakya Hoysall

(PhD Microbiology), 1981; Chief Research Scientist) Centre for Sustainable Technologies (formerly ASTRA, Faculty), Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport & Urban Planning (CiSTUP, Associate Faculty)

Centre for Contemporary Studies (CCS, Associate Faculty) National Coordinator Indo-UK project of Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise System Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012. INDIA.

Carrying out Research, Development and pilot Demonstrations on decentralized bioenergy technologies (mainly biomethanation plants and its peripherals), Water, Wastes and Wastewater treatment and water purification, management and processing of urban solid wastes (USW) and energy system integration into rural and peri-urban life since 1980; A major effort has been directed towards evolving alternative technologies that meet “high science-low skill situations” for biomethanation of various rural residues, wastes-USW as well as various forms of liquid wastes including sewage. Research focuses anaerobic digestion of natural plant parts and residues and underlying biology while technologies, processes and management strategies being developed here attempt to address environment, livelihood and development goals. Waste-water, wastes, biomass and USW biomethanation process developed are novel, operate with few moving parts, process control equipment and obviate high technical skills among operators. Such plants are built to be operated and managed by people in rural /urban areas.