Mr Vishwanath

Director, Biome Environmental Services Pvt. Ltd

Mr Vishwanath has spent the most of his life working on rural and urban water and sanitation issues, especially rainwater harvesting, gray water reuse, ecological sanitation systems and sustainable water management issues. He has worked on drinking water solutions in the Fluoride affected rural areas. He has also worked on innovations to dry toilets and the reuse of human excreta as productive fertilizer. He is the author of a popular weekly column on water and sanitation in the "Hindu" newspaper, "Water Wise".

Mr Srikantaiah is an advisor to Arghyam - a trust providing grants for water and sanitation projects in India and running the India Water Portal. He has been Secretary General of International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (IRCSA), a global organisation of rainwater academics and professionals. He sits on boards of several development organisations. He has been an invited speaker on countless occasions and has been on juries for best water management practices. He is a leading thinker on sustainable water and sanitation management.  

Best wishes,
Vijay Krishna
Director, Sanitation Programme
"Safe, sustainable water for all"