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“The density at AFI’s Annual Forum created several useful opportunities. We catalyzed strategic technology partnerships with young stars, met with senior mentors and even discovered several customers and vendors at the Forum.”
– Anup Akkihal, CEO, Logistimo

“Action For India organizes the best social enterprise conference I know of in India, curating the 100 best social enterprises from across the country.”
– Sean Blagsvedt, CEO, Babajob.com

“After the AFI event held in Aug, 2013, where we met 46 IAS Officers, we got invited by the District Administration of Mayurbhanj district, Odisha to replicate our work in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. We have now entered a very exciting phase that combines the scale of the Government and the speed and efficiency of the private sector. I sincerely thank Action For India for making this happen.
– Devi Prasad Rao, Managing Director & CEO, Arohana Dairy Private Limited

“AFI helped me to connect with important stakeholders in the system, such as Shiv Kemka’stGelf. Now, my organisation FUEL isworking in partnership with them to train 500+ rural schools teachers across India. AFI and Sanjay helped connect me to Sam Pitroda who energized me to scale my initiative and increased the visibility of the problem we are addressing.”
– KetanDeshpande,Founder and Chairman, FUEL

“Action For India is a perfect platform for organizations looking to scale up as it helps connect to various innovators across several sectors, funding partners and mentors. Through connections established from AFI forums, we scaled up our operations to a new location and also deployed new technology to scale our impact.”
– Chandra Sekhar P, CEO, VidyaHelpLine, Nirmaan Organization

“AFI had a great role to play in getting iKure to where we are today. AFI is a unique platform in India that leverages the power of both the Government and the Private sectors. Special thanks to Sanjay, Sam and Desh for building this wonderful community. Hopefully, AFI will be able to build many more enterprises that will transform India”
– SujaySantra, Founder & CEO, iKure

“The intellectual density & diversity which Action For India brings together in its Annual Forum by bringing together the best entrepreneurs, veterans, investors, policy makers & influencers is amazing. We gained a lot by the wisdom of mentors- Desh, Sanjay, Naga and were able to cement lasting relationships which are now critical to the success of our organization.”
– Devendra Gupta, Co-Founder & Director, Ecozen Solutions

“I think AFI is playing an extremely important role in terms of bridging the gap for social enterprises and organizations/individuals supporting them; thereby developing the ecosystem for a better tomorrow. Its focus on getting together a curated list of 100 SEs and 100 people/organizations supporting SEs ensures higher quality interactions, more personalization and better content overall.”
– SombodhiGhosh, Co- founder, Aakar Innovations