David Wilcox

David Wilcox is a social change leader and the founder of ReachScale (www.reachscale.com), a global network thatis scaling innovative social enterprises as well as buildingnetworks to shift significant resources into sustainable models for solving the world’s most intractable challenges. Wilcox is the leading advocate forcreating the first globally scaled social enterprises. These sustainable models developed by social entrepreneurscan becombined with underutilized resources and supportive policy changes tosignificantly reduce the money needed to accomplish the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development. With globally scaling social enterprises sourced from the global social enterprise ecosystem and integrated into the SDG development agenda, Wilcox suggests that between a half trillion and a trillion dollars a year could be saved in reaching the SDGs. With a dual interest in business and social progress, Wilcox has been a CEO, CMO and head of business development for a number of technology start-ups, consulting firms, think tanks and digital enterprises. He hasan MBA from Harvard Business School. He lives with his wife, artist Deborah Barlow, in Brookline Massachusetts.