Samyak Chakrabarty

Listed by Forbes as one of Asia’s most influential under 30-year olds: Samyak leads X Billion Labs: an eco-system of impact enterprises (Skills Lab, Action Lab & Tech Lab) that collectively aim to positively transform 100 million lives over the next decade. He is re-imagining activism by building a framework for new age social movements which include transforming human behaviour/choices, partnering with key stake holders (government, businesses & public institutions) for mutual benefit and leveraging new technologies like artificial intelligence, data science & tactical messaging. To create systemic change, he believes one must act in accordance to the present and future context while moving beyond conventional ideologies, restrictive belief systems and an anti-establishment approach. Currently is he working on building “Adopt India”; a movement to transform policy, procedures & mindsets to enable a home of India’s 2 crore+ abandoned children. His focus areas include population control, resource conservation, human rights, religious extremism & gender issues.

Samyak’s aim is to lead India’s next billion onto the 21st century path to Buddha-hood: i.e by creating value for society / good karma without giving up one’s present reality which includes profit, desire & ambition. In the past: he built India’s first youth marketing & research consultancy, partnered with organizations like the United Nations to engage students with the Sustainable Development Goals, hosted Indo:Pak Youth Peace Summits & even popularized the concept of Model UNs as his first business venture at the age of 18. He also founded The Green Batti Project which provided positive adult role models (mentors) to students from lower income groups, Nimaya: a seed fund for women entrepreneurs in slums and Operation Black Dot to enable lakhs of college students to caste an informed vote.