Vinny Gupta

Having more than three decades of success in start-up, turnaround, and capital-raising situations, Vinny is moving seamlessly between innovation and execution and growing top-line revenue and profitability. He am particularly strong at communicating a vision for the path forward, effectively managing a P&L, and helping everyone in the organization understand and embrace their roles.

He has done this with my own manufacturing and health-care companies, as a policy-maker for higher- education boards of directors, and as both a leader and member of task forces tasked with commercializing technology for early-stage companies and educational institutions.

As the chairman of the nine-member Ohio Board of Regents, he has restructured how the board operates by replacing the former regulatory model with a facilitation model; encouraging HEIs to be engines of economic development; changing meeting agendas to focus on performance accountability; and rotating board-meeting locations to campuses across the state to foster collaboration and communications. He has helped establish “globalization” as a key priority for both the State and for Ohio HEIs and shifted the focus for everyone including tenure-granting committees to de-emphasize research in favor of equal weighting of innovation and commercialization. He is looking for an opportunity to join a board that needs someone who can think through complex problems and find practical solutions. He brings a strong mix of flexibility, business and political acumen, quick thinking, and diplomacy to the table. He can also provide experienced counsel to a company’s senior leadership outside a board structure or act as an interim executive while the board searches for a permanent replacement.