Ashwini, Co-Founder & CMO (EYE-D)

We have our own artificial intelligence, machine learning based algorithm along with computer vision to help the VI see the world around them just by using their smartphone. The smartphone ecosystem is being leveraged to keep the cost low and reach the fastest corners of the world. Our products are currently in form of apps on Android and iOS platform. Today Eye-D Apps are used by over 10000+ VI globally in 14 languages. We are also working on AI based smartglass which is has been selected to be piloted on an international platform. The smartglass is hardware with camera, a bone conduction headphone and touch interface. It is connected to the phone which runs our AI software using this, a blind person can navigate city or institutions. Aditionally they can read books, identify faces, know places and landmarks around and more.

M ArunPrakash, Founder/CTO (GUVI GEEKS)

Our AI-powered Ed-tech platform in the field of Technology, provides a Personalized & interactive learning experience through gamification mechanics & byte size video contents in Vernacular languages and also maps them to the right jobs. Our cloud-based integrated technology learning platform provides individual learners & businesses the solutions for improving the skills, discovering new talents, or pool placement drive for better organisational/ business goals.

Madhura Karnik (Haqdarshak)

Haqdarshak is an artificial-intelligence powered mobile app and web platform. The platform is used to screen citizens i.e to collect information and key it in. Once screened, the app shows government and private welfare schemes the citizen is eligible for. This eligibility is determined by our rule-mapping system which is updated at by a team of researchers. Eligible schemes are displayed in the local language and in an easy, lucid manner. This is primarily because we want to plug the information gap between citizens and their entitlements, which in this case are welfare schemes. Since internet connectivity and the use of smartphones is still not heavily penetrated in rural India, we train community-level field workers—who we call as Haqdarshaks —to use our app. These field workers, go door to door and screen citizens, explain the eligible schemes and help in the application process, charging a small fee.

Yashwant Suthar, Founder (Lootel)

Lootel is solving public toilet problem in India, we have the bare minimum infrastructure of public toilets but most of them dirty and abounded due to unavailability perfect maintenance and cleaning management system. Somehow men can manage somewhere in public area but for women it is nightmare. Whatever public toilet available in public area they are also not safe for women and they do not have proper toiletry accessories in public toilet. Especially there no proper facilities for a disabled person

Manoj Sanker P R, Co-Founder (Nemo.Care)

The Nemocare Raksha is an IoT enabled smart wearable on the baby’s foot which monitors vital parameters like spo2, Heart Rate,Respiration Rate ,body temperature, body position that will give the complete picture of the baby’s health. And all the information is relayed over to the hub and the data is pushed onto the cloud and this data can be accessed at a central monitor by which the nurse or doctor can continuously and remotely monitor all the babies through a single interface
The entire system along with our deep learning algorithm works as an intelligent platform that will track the baby’s health in the most accurate way possible and give only insightful notifications and alerts to healthcare workers to enable timely intervention when a distress condition is detected.


Pooja Rai, Co-Founder & CEO (Anthill Creations)

Anthill Creations aims at mobilizing communities towards lighter, quicker and of course cheaper transformation of public spaces into a more inclusive and interactive playscapes. We aim to bring back play to children by building low cost and sustainable playscapes by upcycling waste material like scrap tyres and drums.
We are a team of architects from IIT Kharagpur and have impacted more than 20,000 children across 17 different cities/villages in India and Nepal. These playgrounds are completely DIY and can be built in just 4 days with community participation.

Rita Pani (Antarang Foundation)

Antarang’s model is a collaborative one – conceived to work in partnership with existing programs that deliver diverse outcomes to young adults. We do not have competition in the way that is often recognised. However, industry and the funding community equates the work we do with vocational skills when, in effect, we are the precursor and the completion to any vocational skilling program. Our programs work best in partnership as we realise that it is too utopian to expect huge shifts in skills and attitudes in a 15 month period.
In many ways, Antarang’s competitors are social and cultural mindsets – ones that keep girls out of school and the workforce; students from working while studying so that they can supplement the family’s income and continue in education and the inherent hierarchy in careers/vocations. These are the mindsets and attitudes that Antarang’s program are up against and target to change.

Anjana Donakonda (CareNX Solutions)

CareMother’s intervention model will be scaled to 10 different states with respective Government bodies. About 10,000 Health Workers will be equipped with CareMother solution to serve about 3 to 5 lakh women. In terms of impact, it will anticipate reduced MMR and IMR. Reduced Anemia among women with improved high risk escape rate will be one of the key indicators that will be achieved. The readily usable point of care devices by Health Workers eases operations, saves costs and enhances reach. CareNX is also building first 1000 days’ care module through which the growth and cognitive levels monitoring of children below 2 years’ age can be done. About 2 lakh children are targeted to gain direct benefit through intervention

Amar K Jamadhiar (Founder, Medi360)

The Medi360 solution aims to provide quality healthcare services to low Income population in areas where there is a paucity of doctors. It comprises of:
1.Technology platform – Medi360 Hospital / Clinic in a Box, a cloud based End to End Technology enabled low cost Tele- health solution.
2.Doctor network with committed capacity from General Practitioners with additional capacity provided on schedule by specialists
3.A last mile delivery network leveraging private operators to set up Medi360 clinics; (Pharmacies, village entrepreneurs etc) manned by technicians and a strong operational framework to manage on ground operations

Vijayakumar Mani, Founder (I Support Farming)

I Support Farming is an agriculture value chain company that offers urban people an opportunity to partner with farmers and take up agriculture, aiming at increasing productivity and market value for produce.
Some of the key benefits for both the engaging parties – Rural farmers and the Urban investors are:
– Farmers get enough capital to carry out their farming seamlessly. They get paid for their efforts in rising the crops / animals
– Urban people take up agriculture and use the produce for their own consumption. They become a True Farmer, themselves.
– Support & Empower farming communities
– Could be a good alternate source of investments for urban society

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