Apply For AFI – Action For India 2019

Apply to attend as an Influencer

With a socially conscious generation of millennial entrepreneurs bringing change with business ideas that positively impact the world, providing financial and non-financial support will only help them grow.

Be a part of this phenomenon at the AFI Forum 2019, a platform where you can support candidates on the basis of the strength of their idea, the social impact it will create, its business feasibility and scalability.


  • Give access to technology
  • Mentorship
  • Financial Support
  • Providing access to government agencies
  • Business Development Support
  • Investment Consulting
  • Partnership Support

Why Participate

  • A chance to create an impact in rural and low-income communities in India
  • Learn new ideas and share your expertise with other social enterprenuers in India
  • Chance to grow with growing revenues of social enterprises
  • Reach new audience as social enterprises expand into new markets
  • Social enterprises are proving to be sustainable businesses

We would love to have you join us as one of the 100 Influencers and engage in conversations, discussions, deliberations & networking opportunities with the 100 leading social entrepreneurs of India.