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The top 5 winners of the Silicon Valley Challenge 2015

  • SAS Healthcare

    Uses technology as a major driver to provide community based comprehensive medical facilities to rural and urban poor at a nominal membership fee of one rupee per day per member. It has treated 40,000 patients in 2014 and disbursed more than Rs 8 crores for inpatient treatment.

  • DrinkWell

    Provides clean and affordable water to areas impacted by arsenic and fluoride poisoning with a novel technology that requires 1/16th the power and 1/4th the cost as compared to conventional solutions. It has provided water to more than 250,000 across five countries to date. Drinkwell aims to transform the arsenic and fluoride water crisis affecting over 200 million people in India and Bangladesh, while providing entrepreneurial opportunity for service providers in thousands of villages.

  • MicroX

    Has built on a patented process developed by IISc using microfluidics and disposable cartridges to provide accurate, low-cost, blood tests to patients who are currently outside the reach of conventional medical care -“To make diagnostics affordable and accessible for all.”

  • Saahas

    Founded by Wilma Rodrigues, of Bangalore, focuses on bulk waste generators such as hotels, hospitals and corporates and enables them to become zero waste entities. They currently manage 7 tons of waste per day in Bangalore and Chennai, providing gainful employment to 80 employees.

  • Sankalptaru

    Enables corporates and individuals to plant trees in locations where they are critically needed such as Uttarakhand, Ladakh and Rajasthan – and monitor their progress using GIS. They have planted 140,000 trees in 2014 with a 95% survival rate. They have provided this service to more than a 100 schools and 9 corporates.