AFI Impact Catalyser Program

The Impact Catalyzer is a well defined six months long accelerator program which is tailor-made for tech-enabled social enterprises in India looking to amplify their social impact at scale.

Key Benefits

  • Mentorship
  • Product refinement
  • Masterclasses with ecosystem experts
  • Market Access
  • Startup Toolkit
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Investor Connect

AFI Professional Services

In-depth Mentoring Engagements:

  1. Individual Mentoring: Highly effective growth-focused mentoring sessions with specialized mentors mapped exclusively for the entrepreneur’s personal leadership growth, sectoral expertise and business need.

  2. Knowledge Building Session (KBS): A monthly fora for intra-cohort knowledge sharing and growth enablement through webinars and hands-on workshops.

  3. Learning Community (LC) sessions: A closed group interactions to facilitate intra-cohort relationship building to connect, collaborate and co-create impact outcomes.

  4. AFI Huddle: Many-to-One mentor engagement to support inter-sectoral insights for entrepreneurs.

Who Can Apply

Applicants need to match the following:

  • Applicant shall be an early-stage tech-driven startup company
  • Startup should be for-profit social enterprise
  • Startup should be at TRL 5 or beyond
  • Startup should be operational for more than 2 years

Meet Cohort-1 of Impact Catalyzer Program 2024
AFI Program
Ravi Kaushik

Clean Energy

Airth revolutionizes indoor air purification with its premier AC Air Purifier, developed in collaboration with top Indian institutes, effectively combating pollution and viruses while optimizing energy efficiency.

AFI Program
Sandeep Sinha


It has developed MEDHINI, an award-winning, highly innovative AI-driven SAMD, transforming diagnostics and preventive healthcare with rapid, accurate, and affordable digital solutions across multiple medical specialties.

Arficus Private Limited
AFI Program
Mrutyunjaya Sahu


Bariflo pioneers automated brackish water farming, promoting climate resilience, wealth creation, and circular economy principles while addressing environmental challenges through carbon sequestration, ecosystem sustenance, and waste conversion.

Bariflo Cybernetics Private Limited
AFI Program
Kartik K.


Bramhansh has developed a clinically validated wearable neuromodulation device for rapid migraine relief and long-term management through low-frequency sound wave stimulation targeting the trigeminal nerve.

Bramhansh Technologies Pvt Ltd
AFI Program
Leena Chakrabarti


Brijdd enhances healthcare accessibility for low-income populations through a free application facilitating last-mile provider operations, procurement, and subsidy programs, fostering affordability and transparency while optimizing supply chain efficiency.

AFI Program
Akriti Gupta


Canfem pioneers comprehensive support for cancer patients in India, offering a diverse range of non-medical products and services to enhance quality of life from diagnosis to recovery, promoting dignity and empowerment.

AFI Program
Amartya Gupta


Cre-AID Labs revolutionizes orthopedic care with MITHRIL Splints, offering lightweight, moldable alternatives to plaster casts, ensuring strength, comfort, and versatility across medical settings.

Cre-AID Labs Pvt. Ltd.
AFI Program
Devika Chandrasekharan


Fuselage specializes in UAV, IoT, and AI technologies by offering agriculture drones and value-added products like the FITS tracker to combat illegal machinery transfer, firefighting solutions, and precision farming protocols for profitability.

Fuselage Innovations Pvt Ltd
AFI Program
Kalyani Shinde


Godaam Innovations revolutionizes agriculture with IoT-based warehouse monitoring, reducing post-harvest losses by preserving crop quality and fortifying supply chains for enhanced profitability and sustainability.

Godaam Innovations pvt ltd
AFI Program
Sandeep Mehndiratta


Their product,, revolutionizes agriculture by promoting product purity verification, incentivizing organic farming practices, and fostering a sustainable ecosystem through transparency and farmer rewards.

Goploh Ventures Private Limited
AFI Program
Aastha Singh


It empowers small farmers, rural youth, and women through cost-effective enterprise models and a centralized mobile application, fostering employment, entrepreneurship, and grassroots service delivery in agriculture.

GramShree Kisan
AFI Program
Ronak Yogesh Mistry


Greenovate Solutions transforms industrial emissions into valuable resources, offering plug-and-play CCUS systems for small and medium-scale industries, certifying them as Green Manufacturers and supplying purified CO2 for up-cycling into fuel.

Greenovate Solutions
AFI Program
Deepak Rajmohan


GreenPod Labs pioneers sustainable agri-biotech solutions, revolutionizing food preservation with patented active packaging sachets to curb agricultural food waste and extend shelf life for fruits and vegetables in developing nations.

GreenPod Labs
AFI Program
Prabodh Mahajan


SignAssistive AI pioneers real-time Indian Sign Language (ISL) translation, revolutionizing accessibility and communication for the deaf community in India, setting a new standard for inclusivity.

Learn and Empower Private Limited
AFI Program
Ravindra Singh


It offers Comprehensive Mobility Solutions, including wheelchair assistance, accessible vehicles, shared mobility options, and personalized On-Demand Assistance through myUDAAN VGO, fostering inclusivity and independence for individuals with limited mobility.

AFI Program
Vivek Kumar Shahi


It revolutionizes job seeking with seamless digital registration, auto-editable video resumes, AI-powered job matching, and hyperlocal community engagement, ensuring employer branding and support for job seekers, particularly in the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) workforce.

Parallel Platform Private Limited
AFI Program
Debabrata Das


It offers a range of innovative plant-based meat products with a focus on sustainability and nutrition. They are 65% richer in protein compared to animal-based counterparts, while being cholesterol-free and 100% vegan.

AFI Program
Biswajit Shaw


Protrainy redefines professional development through industry-specific courses, a collaborative cohort model, and consumer-centric design, catering to leaders in EV, manufacturing, oil and gas, and civil construction.

AFI Program
Aditya Shukla

Waste Management

They revolutionize waste management and construction by converting single-use plastics, construction waste, and industrial minerals into high-value composite building materials, offering carbon-negative solutions for affordable housing and infrastructure.

Saltech Design Labs Private Limited
AFI Program
Gundlupet Sadananda Murthy


It facilitates agri-commodity trading for FPOs in Tier 2/3 towns, integrating physical and digital operations to ensure fair pricing, doorstep services, and equitable returns through patented technology and AI-driven insights.

Sampark Bindu
AFI Program
Suket Amin


Sunbots utilizes advanced Camera Vision and AI to provide real-time object detection, text reading, and currency identification through their SMARTON device and app, enhancing accessibility and educational opportunities for users.

Sunbots Innovations LLP
AFI Program
Amit Panwar


Sunqulp's SmartVest, the world's first wearable assistive navigation solution for the visually impaired, provides real-time obstacle detection and navigation feedback, setting a new standard in assistive technology.

Sunqulp Tech
AFI Program
Upamanyu Borkakoty


World's first bagless tea dip made from premium unbroken tea leaves, crafted through organic cultivation and minimal processing, offering maximum nutrition, eco-friendliness, and compostability, setting a new standard in sustainable tea options.

Woolah Tea


Yes, you can apply to this program, irrespective of having received grants or awards and having raised funds.

The program will run in virtual mode.

We are looking for startups with a strong founding team, unique and innovative solution with social impact at core of the solution, and the potential of the business to scale.

For any query, general or technical, write to us at

  • What our Entrepreneurs are saying

    Ranjith Mukundan

    "AFI supports the social impact startup ecosystem commendably by their extensive connect in Silicon Valley. The AFI inaugural forum is a launchpad for impact-driven technology startups like ours and we've benefited so much from it."

    RANJITH MUKUNDAN Co-Founder and CEO, Stellapps Technologies (AFI Forum Fellow 2012)
  • What our Entrepreneurs are saying

    Bikrant Tiwari

    "The Annual forum helps entrepreneurs to connect with all stakeholders dedicated to the common vision of social good. I would strongly recommend all young start-up founders to attend the AFI forum in the future for their accelerated growth."

    BIKRANT TIWARI CEO, GrowTrees, (AFI SVC Fellow 2014)
  • What our Entrepreneurs are saying

    Sujay Santra

    "iKure has been associated with AFI since its inception and has greatly benefited from this relationship. For any budding social entrepreneur who is looking for networking and mentorship, AFI is highly recommended."

    SUJAY SANTRA Founder, iKure, (AFI Forum Fellow 2015)
  • What our Entrepreneurs are saying

    Kevin Houston

    "The Silicon Valley Trek gave me the unique opportunity to travel to the US to gain an unparalleled insight into how the Startup ecosystem has developed in Silicon Valley."

    KEVIN HOUSTON Co-Founder Carbon Masters India (AFI SVC Fellow 2017)

Action For India (AFI) is a platform to help scale high-potential social entrepreneurs.

AFI provides access to capital via our relationships with foundations and funding institutions. It also helps social entrepreneurs benefit from the diverse experience of our best-in-class mentors working across industries globally.

AFI helps maximize entrepreneurs' potential through high-impact technology support from Silicon Valley experts and also access to a cohesive network of the Indian diaspora.

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