Women in Social Entrepreneurship (WISE)

Our First Cohort of Women Social Entrepreneurs 2021

Akshita Sachdeva - Co-Founder at Trestle Labs

Akshita Sachdeva

Co-Founder, Trestle Labs

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Neha Kirpal - Co-Founder at The Inner Hour

Neha Kirpal

Co-Founder, The Inner Hour

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Shveta Raina - Founder at Talerang

Shveta Raina

Founder, Talerang

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Jahanvi Joshi - Co-Founder at Bleetech Innovations

Jahanvi Joshi

Co-Founder, Bleetech Innovations

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Pooja Rai - Founder & CEO at Anthill Creations

Pooja Rai

Founder & CEO, Anthill Creations

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Dimple Parmar - Founder & CEO at ZenOnco

Dimple Parmar

Founder & CEO, ZenOnco.io

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About the WISE Program

A chosen group of high-potential female entrepreneurs, known as WISE (Women in Social Entrepreneurship), are pursuing their ascent to become the next wave of impact unicorns.

"Keep checking this space for updates on the next WISE Cohort 2024"
WISE - Women in social entrepreneurship


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Women Entrepreneurship

AFI since its inception, has been working to empower women social entrepreneurs. It is our aim to provide systematic solutions to the challenges faced by women. We have built an online networking portal that will enable AFI to conduct a series of capacity building programs for women entrepreneurs in its fold through mentorship sessions, webinars and podcasts.

By reflecting on the journeys of women social entrepreneurs in the past, we aim to bridge the gaps of opportunity of investment and scaling through tailor-made interventions.

In recognition of our relentless support to women entrepreneurs, we are now backed by the eBay Foundation to take our mission to the next level. We intend to develop more customized interventions including mentorship, funding and further opportunities to present to our investors.
eBay Foundation

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Supporting women entrepreneurs

"AFI-supported Women-Led Startups"

AFI recognizes the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and hence the need to empower them. In the recent past, various AFI programs have benefitted such entrepreneurs. A few of them include:

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Cool the Globe Logo

Baeru Environmental Services Logo

Storycircle Edusaarthi Logo

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Saahas Zero Waste Logo

Ms. Wilma Rodrigues

Founder, Saahas Zero Waste

SVC Fellow, 2015

AI Genix Logo

Ms. Shahnaz Shaikh

Founder, AI Genix

SVC Fellow, 2016

Love Local Logo

Ms. Akanksha Hazari

Founder, Love Local

SVC Fellow, 2014

We Make Scholars Logo

Ms. Damini Mahajan

Founder, We Make Scholars

SVC Fellow, 2016

Trestle Labs Logo

Ms. Akshita Sachdeva

Co-Founder, Trestle Labs

AFI Fellow, 2019

Drona Maps Logo

Ms. Ayushi Mishra

Co-Founder, Drona Maps

AFI Fellow, 2019

Video Wilma Rodrigus - Founder at Saahas
Best Women Entrepreneurs Awards

WISEpreneur Testimonials

  • "We have had a great experience with AFI till now. AFI is bringing together like-minded women social entrepreneurs and creating a community where we all extend help and support for each other and share best practices for collective benefit of the society. This platform is possible only because of AFI's efforts. I highly recommend that every woman social entrepreneur should connect with AFI."

    DIMPLE PARMAR Founder & CEO, Zenonco.io
    Zenonco Logo
  • "Being a part of AFI-WISE program made me realize the importance of community. I loved the cohort, the kind of diversity and learning that is there shared amongst the WISE cohort fellows and the mentors AFI helped me connect with. The HUDDLE sessions was something very new, I have not been in a set up where there are multiple mentors brainstorming and ready to solve a problem, it has always been a one-on-one interaction - opening up so many possibilities. The team understands varying needs of founders and customizes the program fitting our schedule."

    POOJA RAI Founder, Anthill Creations
    Anthill Logo
  • "The biggest USP of the WISE program is peer-to-peer learning. You get to interact with other women who are quite different from you, but have also very successfully grown their businesses. And that is something that helps look at my journey and how I look forward to how I want to run things. Every woman in the cohort has their unique strengths and different models. So the brainstorming, the problem solving that happens is extremely special. The 2nd advantage of the WISE program is the global aspect. Just a few weeks into the program, I was invited to pitch the UK Chapter of AFI. It was a very interesting experience as they gave great feedback, most of it was on the constructive side for things I need to do to grow my business further. While it was very encouraging, it also was with a growth mindset of how I can take my business to the next level. So, anyone who is looking to join the program, you will be able to grow your business in a caring, supporting environment, getting a lot of exposure to international networks which is a critical aspect today."

    SHVETA RAINA Founder, Talerang
    Talerang Logo

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If you are a woman social entrepreneur wanting to enroll in this program, write to us at: wise@actionforindia.org

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